The Tuesday Night Music Club is at:

The Comrades Club, 194 Brighton Rd, Coulsdon, Greater London CR5 2NF

For all enquiries


Telephone:  07799796670


What is The Tuesday Night Music Club?

Every Tuesday we present live music by some of the best artists around. With a capacity of 80 these evenings are intimate in the extreme.

With drinks at ‘Club’ prices, a friendly crowd and some of the best music around this will be your regular night out.

Shows start at approximately 8pm unless otherwise advertised - we always suggest arrival as early as you can as seats are not reserved and, therefore, the earlier arrivals get the choice of seats.

Is The Club a Members Only Club?

No, entrance is open and tickets can be booked by following the instructions in the 'Booking Tickets' page

How do I become a Member?

Membership is now closed - but you can still come to shows!  

A Note To Artists and Bands

We get deluged with requests to play at The Club and therefore, unfortunately and as much as we'd like to, can't give everyone a date.

We do read each enquiry but before you send us an email please do check the bands who have played previously at The Club.   If your style of music doesn't fit with the style that we regularly put on it's highly unlikely that we'll be booking you.  Similarly if you or your band are not on the same level as the majority of artists that we have had on it's highly unlikely that we'll be booking you.  

In the event that you email us and it's clear that you haven't read this or checked who has previously played at The Club we will simply delete your email and there will be no response.  

So please, please don't waste your time and ours - do a little research before approaching venues and it will pay dividends.