How can you get tickets for shows?  

It's simple - just choose the method that suits you

1/   Tickets for all shows that we announce are available for purchase in person in advance from The Comrades Club.  

Normally these will be £7.50 to £10 excepting certain ’special shows’ and the prices for these will be announced as and when the shows themselves are announced.   So one way you could buy tickets is by buying future weeks tickets when you visit on a Tuesday.

2/   Tickets for all shows are available for purchase in advance via ‘Ents24’ on line at  

Normally tickets purchased using this method are £10 to £12.50 plus booking fee - excepting those ’special shows’ mentioned above.   There are links to each individual show on our website - just go to the ‘Gig Diary’ page and click on the date you’d like to book.

3/   Tickets ‘on the door’ (i.e. not purchased in advance using one of the two options above) if a show hasn’t sold out will be £15 plus - excepting those ‘special shows' which would be substantially more but normally we would expect them to be sold out

Once all the tickets have been sold we mark the event as 'Sold Out' at which stage we can only add those interested to a reserve list in case there are any returns.   However it is unusual for us to get any returns for sold out shows.  As such we do urge you to buy your tickets well in advance - more and more shows are selling out!

When you come to The Tuesday Night Music Club you’ll find flyers on the tables that say:  

“Tonight we have live music and the majority have come to listen.   When musicians are performing please show respect for them and those listening by keeping any conversation quiet and very brief.   Have a good old natter in the break or go outside to talk.  

Thank You!”  

We want everyone to have a great night in an atmosphere of mutual respect so please do bear this in mind when booking tickets and coming to The Club.