are our watch words but they're not just 'words' - they're what we live by!  It's our belief that our audience members are considerate and respectful and so the following will be completely understood.

Covid19 Advisory and Safety Measures

Please don't come to our shows if you have Covid symptoms or believe that you may have been exposed to infection.   Our offer to you: If you are suffering from Covid symptoms as we approach the show or fear you may be an infection risk and should not attend please contact us at and we will offer you a full refund on your ticket.  

We are opening at full capacity - this is the only way for small venues such as ours to open and be financially viable.   This means that there will be no social distancing measures.   While masks will not be obligatory the government “expects and recommends” you to wear them in busy places. This is because masks work.  If you feel more comfortable wearing one when moving around the premises and thereby showing your respect for others, we encourage you to please do so.  To all: please don’t chastise anyone for their choice - on the contrary showing your respect for others is to be admired.

Before coming to one of our shows we recommend that you do everything you can to make sure that you personally are not infectious.  You can make sure you aren't adding to anyone's risk by keeping your record of immunity up to date, getting vaccinated when you are able and, proably most importantly, taking a free lateral flow test before you come.  These are free from

and only take some 15 minutes to do.   No one is forcing you to do this.  We are just asking you to be kind and thoughtful and do it for the safety of everyone else and for our staff.   If you test positive within twenty four hourse of a show send us a picture of the test and we will refund your ticket price.       

The building will be deep cleaned regularly using contact cleaning solutions which reduce the risk of contact infections.   The air-conditioning units will be running at all times during your visiit to circulate and refresh the air around you.   There will be extra hand sanitising units around the premises and we ask to play your part in keeping the building clean from contact risk by regularly washing your hands and using the sanitiser.

Showing Respect

We operate a policy of not talking when the musicians are playing.  Everyone who is attending a show at The Tuesday Night Music Club has paid for a ticket to see and, most importantly, hear the musicians playing.  The musicians will also appreciate your listening to the music they are creating.    So please show respect to both the audience members around you and to the musicians by not having any conversations when they are playing.   If you're not in agreement with this policy we'd suggest not attending shows at The Tuesday Night Music Club.  

Ultimately we want everyone to have a great time, to enjoy every moment of their evening with us and to do so in an atmosphere that is both relaxed and safe.