How Can You Help

The Tuesday Night Music Club

1/     We, of course, rely on people coming to shows so just attending as many shows as you can is probably the best help you can give us.   Our sole income, presently, is from ticket sales so every time you buy a ticket you are helping us!    (We address the question of money in point 7 below)   The other thing about coming to shows is, of course, that the more people at a show the better the atmosphere as the artists feed off the energy of the audience and then feed this energy back to the audience and so the circle continues.  

We know that, with so much going on in our lives and with budget constraints, not everyone can attend every show.   But there are still things you can do to help…

2/     If you’re on Social Media (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram etc) then follow The Tuesday Night Music Club on all of those:




3/     Once you’ve followed us, when you see a post then comment on it and, if possible, share it.   The way that all Social Media networks work is that posts that are commented on, liked, re-tweeted, shared etc. are those that move up through their rankings and get shown to more people.   And sharing has the extra benefit that the people in your ‘Friends’ or ‘Contact’ lists get to see our posts where they might not otherwise.

4/     The best publicity is word of mouth.   So please do tell your friends, neighbours, colleagues, acquaintances etc about The Club.   It goes without saying that bringing them to The Club and introducing them to the great nights out is hugely appreciated.   But even if they don’t come do encourage them to tell their friends too!

5/     Make sure that you are on our mailing list.  Each week we send out an email (usually on a Saturday or Sunday evening) that tells you about the shows coming up and gives you any news we can share.   This is often where you’ll hear first about any announced shows and be able to be the first to get tickets.  To be on the mailing list just send us an email to  In accordance with rules etc we are happy to tell you that all email addresses and details are stored securely, won't be shared and will only be used by us to communicate with you.  To be removed from the mailing list just ask and it shall be done!

6/     Please do buy your tickets as far in advance as you can.   This not only has the benefit of your making sure that you’ll get into any shows that sell out but it also gives us a better idea of which shows are selling quickly and which we need to advertise more.  Obviously we don't want to be spending money on advertising a show that is going to sell out without us spending that money!

7/ Which brings us on to the thorny question of money.  

As we've said our sole income is from ticket sales.  So where does this go?  The obvious things are that we have to pay the artists, pay the sound engineers and pay for the room.  Other expenses though are running this website, it's hosting and domain maintenance, advertising (both on social media and elsewhere), equipment purchase and maintenance, licensing and registrations... It's sadly another list that goes on and that could very easily get longer if we could afford to do the things we'd like to do.

We've been intending for some time to seek sponsorship from relevant companies or individuals (indeed just one at the right level would do!) who want to be featured on this website and all our advertising/social media etc.   Any suggestions and/or contacts you can put our way would be appreciated.

A number of people have asked if they can contribute financially and in most instances we have simply said 'just buy tickets' and come to shows!   But for those who for whatever reason do wish to contribute you can send funds by paypal to us by clicking the button below.   Every penny really does help!


If of course you have any other ideas of how you can help or, come to that, any suggestions please do let us know.   An email to will get our attention!

The Tuesday Night Music Club takes a lot of time, effort and expense to run - dealing with the constant flow of enquiries from artists who want to play here, choosing who we think our audience will love, advertising, ticketing, marketing, artist liaison, licensing, financing, website maintenance... the list really does go on.  And all that is before the day of a show when we start at about 5pm and finish as late as 1am, all the time attempting to be the perfect hosts!

We often get asked how people can help us so, for those of you who are so inclined...