23rd - 25th AUGUST 2019

The Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival

is dubbed 'Europe‚Äôs best contemporary blues festival' and attracts 15,000 to 20,000 people to Colne in Lancashire over the bank holiday weekend. It's celebrating it's 30th Anniversary in 2019 and in doing so is introducing a new feature.   Four renowned live music clubs - one from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales - will each choose an act from their region, which best represents their club and the blues music of the area, to appear on a main stage at the festival

The Club representing England is....

The Tuesday Night Music Club!

To say we are honoured to have been selected as the Club to represent England is putting mildly!  

Now all we have to do is select the act that we are going to be introducing on a main stage at The Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival in 2019...  And that is where you come in.

We'd like your help in selecting the act

What we're looking for is an English act (it can be a solo artist or a band) that people will flock to see playing on a main stage at a festival.  They can be an act that has already played at The TNMC or a new act to The TNMC.   For a list and reminder of who has played at The TNMC just have a look at the 'Who Has Been On' page on this website - it's a long list!    Then when you've decided who you'd like us to take to Colne in 2019 just click the 'Vote' button below.  

Voting runs until Friday 26th October 2018 - so hurry!  

We'll then collate all your votes and (subject to a few conditions - outlined below) will endeavour to get the most requested act onto the stage at Colne!  

But that's not all

We will also use your votes to decide who to invite to play at The TNMC in 2019!   

While you can vote for who ever you want those 'conditions' or things to bear in mind are:

Both The Great British Rhythmn & Blues Festival and The Tuesday Night Music Club work to a budget.  We're unlikey to be able to afford The Rolling Stones!

In order to have some variance in their lineup, bands who've recently played at The Festival may be discounted by the organisers - though that should not stop you voting as they may well get a coveted spot at The TNMC!

We'll contact all the acts you select but everything will, of course, hinge on their availability over the dates in question - though if you don't see them going to Colne your vote might get them to The TNMC!.

You can vote for as many acts as you wish - but duplicate votes (i.e. the same email address voting repeatedly for the same act) will be discarded.   So just be sensible!

In voting we will add your email address to our mailing list - this is only used to send you news of The Tuesday Night Music Club and is kept securely.   If you don't want to be added or want to stop receiving emails at any time just let us know.

For all the information you'll ever need about The Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival click below or go to


Voting has now finished - we're counting up the votes and will then be contacting the winners to see who is available to go to Colne.   An announcement will be made very soon so just watch this space...